18 noviembre 2008

A story of first hours of life in Second Life

At first the creation of Aurea Memotech suffered some problems with the graphics card of the desktop computer. When the technical conditions were favorable, AureA Memotech was boring and routine on the island of orientation.

AureA Memotech tried to fly out the orientation island, but gave no result. When Aurea Memotech finally discovered how much the vast immensity of a virtual world created under the banner of the imagination could offer and she launched her conquest, she cut her hair, was arranged and immortalized herself.

When she Begin to feel comfortable with her new look, the Freebies discovered, but did not control its side effects. These resulted in a great drama, when her figure and her features suddenly changed.

Following this, AureA Memotech design learning activities in Second Life and, she is teaching teachers about first emotions and it's management.

More about AureA Memotech's adventures.

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mojica dijo...

Hola, Ruth M.

Que bonita historia la tuya


Dr. Sergio Montenegro dijo...

Hola Ruth M.

Soy coordinador tecnológico del Campus Virtual del Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires y me parece algo interesante la idea de utilizar otras herramientas del mundo 3D para favorecer el aprendizaje de los alumnos.
Me interesaría poder contactarme con vos, para hacer algo en conjunto. Mi e-mail es sergio.montenegro@hospitalitaliano.org.ar

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