12 julio 2008

Second life frente a lively en World2Worlds

Lively ha aparecido pero, gracias a Jeremy Kemp he sabido de la investigación que durante un año sobre su aplicación educativa se ha estado llevando a cabo, y que he recogido en http://www.metaverso-educativo.net/

world2worlds, realizó un interesante evento " Second Life looks at Google Lively" hoy seguido desde Second Life y Lively, y a través de Ustream.tv.

La discusión entre los participantes ponentes se centró en las diferencias entre ambos. Con respecto al ámbito educativo reproduzco algunos fragmentos- ya que es bastante extenso- de la conversación mantenida en paralelo entre los asistentes:

[17:41] Malburns Writer: avatar plis sim = future of communications - SL itself or not
[17:41] Geo Meek: ok just a few days
[17:42] Ronnie Rhode: / Education and training, it's great for that. And volunteerism, I get to volunteer for organizations that I wouldn't be able to in RL because of geography.
[17:42] Robin Mochi: yes, ronnie. And that kind of thing is still just being realized in SL...
[17:43] Geo Meek: :-) yes gas is free here
[17:43] Sougent Harrop: The element of communicating "in person" with someone on the other side of the globe, that's a huge advantage
[17:43] Beithe Mills: until some yahoo copies it with the new copybot......
[17:43] Malburns Writer: and also rl environment benefits are strongest arguement
[17:43] Robin Mochi: yes, the world is flat...
[17:43] Ronnie Rhode: / I have a store that sells things that benefit a RL nonprofit. I couldn't really raise funds for them in RL.
[17:43] Robin Mochi: and the gas situation in the US on top of everything else..that is helping to drive the growth in education in SL...


[17:45] CeAire Decosta: I love that I can communicate in real time with people all over the world who otherwise I would never know or meet. SL is an immersive environment that if you don't try it, you can't judge it.
[17:46] ::: W2WFleep: I think for me it's not just about communicating, it's still the shared _experience_, not just words, but sounds, visuals, sense of being there.

[17:49] Alanagh Recreant: I have been frustrated with not being able to create content in Lively, but there is the ACCESS issue which makes a big difference and I can imagine it easier to get fellow NGOs, educationalists and even clients from communities to engage in Lively... more difficult to do that with SL atm...
[17:54] Dizzy Banjo: a text only world can be seen as being more immersive than a graphical one in some ways, and also it can have utterly no limitations.. so in some ways a lively stripped down experience.. may actually also be a good platform for identity exploration

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