02 noviembre 2008

Reflections as my first MUVEnation blogpost

I see myself as a pioneer strange.

I like what I do and I put a lot of passion in it. And, strange as it is able to share this enthusiasm in the company in that work. Normally encounter more interest and permeability step outside the place where the eight working hours. Within the organization my contributions do not find a positive response, nor a recognition.

I do not have a position of responsibility with freedom in making decisions. Normally I suffer how other people with more power and responsibility that I will hijack of my ideas do not involve them. I would like to work in a team where the crazy ideas, creative and innovative become reality.

I like to innovate and I like being part of the strategy of change, but it is not something that I can now participate. Do not count me. So I do a lot more out of it within my organization, things really innovative and fun.

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